The Company offers 100% polyester lining, twill weave. Antistatic-treated and softened. This type of polyester lining replaces successfully the expensive viscose, moreover that it lacks the typical stripes of Bulgarian viscose lining. The lining has been subject to specific antistatic treatment, and it has soft and pleasant-touch effect. We offer lining of different thickness: 180 fibers or 190 fibers.

The Company offers optional quilting to its clients.

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Проект: „Идентифициране и мотивиране за активно поведение на пазара на труда на неактивни млади хора в България”.

Обща стойност на проекта: 364 355.73 лева

Безвъзмедна финансова помощ по линия на ИМЗ: 100 %