Polypropylene Non-woven or the so-called spun-bond fabric is made of 100% synthetic fibers, by high-temperature calander with smooth or engraved shaft. It is used in auxiliary sewing materials, pads for undercoating with polyvinylchloride, as a basis in the manufacture of waterproofing, as a basis for pigment print, as a basis for the application of thermoplasts (underlying materials), as a production material for bedroom linen and single-use medical clothes, as underlying material for pattern seaming and embroidery, in mattresses, as protection material in vegetable production and fruit production and more.

As an industrial leader, GLOBAL LTD offers spun-bond fabric, which introduces innovations and speeds-up the sector’s development.


  • Weight: between 12 g/m2 and 100 g/m2
  • Width: between 2 cm and 240 cm
  • 100% recycling
  • Thermally resistant up to 90oC
  • Waterproofing function
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Cheap
  • Resistant to solar light
  • Non-combustible

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